The Bane of Gym Bros

The Squat is the quintessential workout for all gym goers!  The Squat does more then just help you get massive tree-trunk thighs, but it also improves core strength and flexibility.  I would consider squats a Mandatory workout, these should be performed at least once a week. Although, many people distress about having to work on there legs, I believe that you can learn to love it. Don’t Skip Leg Day!

I personally really enjoy working out on leg day, especially Back Squats. I start with a warm-up set or maybe two, then I move into about 5-7 working sets. I try to get the most out of my back squats and I am usually exhausted my the time I am finished with them, so I almost always do them first.

Side Note: I also really appreciate how my pants fit on my bottom since I have been a skinny guy all my life, and I know my Fiancee does as well. 😉 She is a fan of the booty!


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